La Vérité – The Truth

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La Vérité – The Truth n°103 (September 2019)

      • Editoral notes – No one knows...
      • Latin America: A new offensive by American imperialism
        – Political resolution of the 35th National Conference of O Trabalho (ENOT),  Brazilian section of the Fourth International (excerpts)
        – Annex – Petist Dialogue and Action List at the PT 7th Congress
        – Mexico – Confronted by imperialist offensive:
        The Lopez Obrador government and the resistance of the working people
        – Venezuela – Against imperialist interference for defense of the nation and labor rights
      • Europe – "Riots to be feared"
      • The dislocation of the world market
      • La Vérité is 90 years old
      • Interview with Esteban Volkov, grandson of Leon Trotsky

La Vérité – The Truth n°102 (June 2019)

La Vérité – The Truth n°101 (March 2019)

      • The Impact and Meaning of the Mobilisation of the Algerian People
      • Where Is China Going?
      • Venezuela – A Nation Under Siege that Resists
      • Mexico – A New Political Situation
      • Notes on Europe
      • A General Overview of the Middle East
      • The Chronic Crisis of Capitalism
      • DOSSIER – Tribute to Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg
        – Presentation
        – Leo Trotsky: Karl Liebknecht – Rosa Luxemburg (1919)
        – Leo Trotsky: Hands off Rosa Luxemburg (1932)

La Vérité – The Truth n°100 (December 2018)

      • The Construction Tasks of the Fourth International
        Following the General Council of 4, 5 and 6 December 2018
      • Brazil – Political resolution of the national leadership of O Trabalho
      • Declaration by the Internationa Secretariat of the FI on Europe
      • United States – On the Mid-Term Election Results
      • Once more upon Brexit and the crisis of the British government
        – Latest episode in the Brexit crisis
      • Building the sections of the Fourth International
        – France; Portugal; Spain
      • DOSSIER – Azania (South Africa
        – Black Consiousness Philosophy Today
        – The Present Debate on Land
        – The Black Majority's Right to Land
        – The Fight for a Black Republic

La Vérité – The Truth n°99 (September 2018)

      • On the Tasks of Building the Fourth International and its Sections in the World Situation
      • Putin's Russia: a Century after the October Revolution
      • 1948–2018: the Palestinian Resistance and the Democratic Perspective
      • The March to the Dislocation of the European Union
      • Mexico: A Real Triumph of the Mexican Working People and Nation
        The Governments of Trump and Peña Nieto Sign the Renegotiation of the Free-Trade Treaty
      • The Tendency of the Rate of Profit to Fall and the New Forms of Exploitation in the Digital Economy
      • DOSSIER – Migrations and Imperialism
        The Emigration from Mexico and Central America to the United States

La Vérité – The Truth n°98 (June 2018)

La Vérité – The Truth n°97 (March 2018)

      • Chronicles from Brazil
      • Brexit and the University Teachers' Strike Mark the Situation in Great Britain
      • Decomposition and Re-composition in Sub-Saharan Africa
        Some Elements for Discussion
      • The IMF's Recommendations About "Greening the Economy"
        and "Ecologizing the Growth"
      • "Financialisation"?
        No, Imperialism, the Growth of Exploitation and Headlong Rush of Capital
      • DOSSIER –
        Ten Years ago, Pierre Lambert Passed Away: the Topicality of His Fight

La Vérité – The Truth n°96 (December 2017)

      • Speech by Marc Gauquelin at the Public Meeting of November 18
      • DOSSIER – Elements on Venezuela
        Speech by Alberto Salcedo at the Meeting of November 18
        Moïses Moleiro (Tribute and Report to the Caracas Conference of 1987)
        The Law of Value, Imperialism and Oil
      • DOSSIER – The European Union Falters
        Spain: Thirty-One Days of October
        Germany in the Aftermath of the Elections
      • BRAZIL: The Meaning of Lula’s Candidature
      • 9th Open World Conference (Algiers, 8 to 10 December 2017)
      • A Century Ago, The October Revolution... Leon Trotsky in 1917


La Vérité – The Truth n°95 (September 2017)

      • What is at Stake in Venezuela Today?
      • UNITED-STATES: The Convulsions of a System Running Out of Steam
      • EUROPE: The Mirage of the “European Left”
      • LATIN AMERICA: Elements on the Situation
      • THE MIDDLE EAST: After Trump’s Visit
      • A Century Ago, The October Revolution... Leon Trotsky in 1917


La Vérité – The Truth n°94 (June 2017)

      • A Major Crisis of the Capitalist System
      • FRANCE – After the Presidential Election, an Unprecedented Political Collapse
      • GERMANY – Before the Federal Elections in September
      • BRAZIL – After the Coup, Crisis of the Regime Has Opened
      • CHILE – The Fight against Private Pension Funds (AFP)
      • AZANIA – SOUTH AFRICA – The Trade Unions Federation of South Africa (SAFTU) has Held Its Launching Congress
      • DOSSIER – Capitalism and World Economy (Xabier Arrizabalo Montoro)
      • A Century Ago, The October Revolution... The Workers’ Insurrection of May 1937 in Barcelona


La Vérité – The Truth n°93 (March 2017)

      • A World Topples
      • UNITED STATES - After the Election of Trump
      • MEXICO - From the Teachers’ Strike to the Spontaneous Outburst Against the “Gasolinazo”: a New Stage Has Opened
      • GREAT BRITAIN – After the Referendum Vote for a “Brexit”
      • Digital Revolution, Innovation and Capitalist Overexploitation
      • A Century Ago, the October Revolution... In 1957, for the 40th anniversary


La Vérité – The Truth n°92 (December 2016)


      • A new stage in the crisis of imperialism opens with the election of Trump
      • BRAZIL: 40 Years Ago, the OSI Was Born, Present Current O Trabalho of PT
      • After the death of Fidel Castro: whither Cuba?
      • The struggle against the oppression of women and the struggle for proletarian revolution are one and the same
      • A century ago, the October revolution... Bolshevism and Stalinism (Leon Trotsky)


La Vérité – The Truth n°91 (September 2016)


        Account of a public meeting of the Fourth International (Saturday, September 3, 2016)
        The Hungarian October of 1956 revisited
        The Fourth International and the Palestinian question


La Vérité – The Truth n°90 (June 2016)


      • BRAZIL: The Trotskyists Struggle Against the Coup and for an Independent Policy of the Working Class
        Two Contributions The European Scope of the French Working-Class’ Fight for the Repeal of the El Khomri Law
        Great Britain: ahead of the referendum on EU membership
      • “FREEDOM NOW”:
        Lybon Mabasa presentation: The Black People in United States
        Resolution on Black People liberation adopted by the 1963 Convention of the Socialist Workers Party
      • PORTUGAL: 42 years of revolution and counter-revolution
      • Anti-trade union repression in GUADELOUPE and SPAIN:
        A Document of the International Committee Against Repression – ICRC


La Vérité – The Truth n°89 (March 2016)


      • The 9th World Congress of the Fourth International Has Just Been Held
      • Declaration of the 9th World Congress of the Fourth International
      • Introductory Report by Marc Gauquelin: The Situation of the Fourth International
      • Second Report by Andreu Camps: The Strategy of Construction in the Imperialist Countries
      • Third Report by João Alfredo Luna: The Strategy of Construction in the Oppressed Countries
      • Debate-Meeting on the Report of the 9th World Congress of the Fourth International (February 10, 2016)
      • Balance Sheet of Black Consciousness and its Relevance
        The JRCL in the Vanguard of the Japanese Working Class Fighting against Abe’s Neo-Fascist Government